Carb Counting Abroad

Hey Everyone!

I am spending the summer studying in France- i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to decode the way that they state their nutritional info so that i can more accurately figure out how many carbs are in everything!?? (also what do people use as a rule of thumb when counting carbs in a french baguette????- i am obsessed with them but they are literally killing me lol).

Thank you so much!!!!!

Hey ... I mean ... Bonjour Tina!

Chanceux vous !!  Well, for now, I've managed to find abit of info for you - click on this link and give it read when you have a chance.  Because I live in a French province of Canada (Montreal, Quebec) and I tend to like to eat food from abroad.  We get alot of products from Europe, which have the nutrition labelling on the packages.  They spell out the same info as what we see here in North America, but remember, it will be in metric and with you being American, it might take abit of adjusting --- but have fun (psst - can you pack me in your suitcase - I promise to be quiet)!!

As far as a French baguette goes (yum, yum).  I make my own at home here (50/50 whole wheat/white flour with extra's thrown in like flax meal) - so either just guesstimate, or if you want to get real nitty gritty, pack a scale with you and weigh the bread you want to eat.  I know my food scale that I bought ... 40 years later after getting diabetes - helps me alot in making sure I have a pretty good carb count of the bread I'm slicing up if I'm really being a "good" diabetic.  It's not entirely accurate, since you don't know how much flour is in the stick, yadda, yadda, yadda, but it's better then nothing.

Where abouts in France will you be?  I have a friend Brigette who lives in Lyon.  She is a Type 1, and was diagnosed a year before I was in 1967!  We like to call each other "twins" - and share our stories of growing up with diabetes (she blogs at - look for her here - )

Au revoir pour maintenant !

Anna from Montreal

When going abroad I try and find out what the word Carbohydrate is in the foreign language and then when i get there ill look at a packet of food, see where it is and remember that. Then whenever i eat food from a packet i look down the nutrients list for that word or where i know it will be.