Carb counting ques

I'm annoyed about how most alcoholic drinks don't have nutritional information on them. Has anyone found a reputable website that has a lot of brands' info on it?

You know what, after posting this, I realized I should have put it in the adult group. If you're under 21, please ignore. (: (: (:

Sarah, I'm bored so I searched it. had the total carbs for all the alcohol products I looked up. :) Don't worry, I'm 26. LOL

Haha, Sarah!  I find this equally frustrating.  I'm glad they exist out there, somewhere.

the Calorie King does a nice job.  Online database at


i've always been curious about why, with the labeling laws we have, alcohol is exempt from providing nutrition info. doesn't make sense to me.

This is not an answer to your question, but I avoid such problems by mainly drinking vodka on the rocks with three olives (I recommend Kettle One or Grey Goose).

Stoli Orange and soda with a lime wedge is also good.

Hendrick's Gin martinis are great and have very little carb.

My friends think I'm hard core because of what I drink.  I tell them "it's for my health!"  ;)

Wow, thanks for the links, I didn't even know these existed.  As far as the orginial question, I can't help much.  After my diagnosis I pretty much eliminated mixed drinks and try to sitck to low carb beers like Busch Lite and Michelob Ultra (each has 2 carbs per beer).  Also will have an MGD 64 or Bud Select 55 from time to time.  I do drink wine or a margarita or two with the wife sometimes and wonder how much are in those.

ugh! its like i see so many people concerned about drinking with diabetes, andd it just makes me worried for when i turn 21, & situations like that. i wish you could turn of diabetes for a little bit!

This is one of the reasons my parents actually sent me to a private school, there were too many underage drinking cases at the public high school and although its a prominent thing everywhere (public or private) it is way less of an issue at my private school... Anyways, when you were in high school how did you guys deal w/ it?

I didn't drink in high school, and none of my close friends did, either.

ditto to what kim said. i never tried a drink til i was 21.

You have to be careful when dealing with carbohydrates and alcohol.  Alcohol affects your bodies ability to digest carbohydrates, but does not affect the bodies ability to absorb insulin.  Some people with type 1 tend to go low after consuming alcohol.   You have to take time and figure out how your body reacts to alcohol.  I'd be care about giving full doses of insulin for the carbs in an alcoholic beverage - especially the ones with lots of alcohol in them.   

I know that hard liquor makes me go low in the middle of the night.  My BG can be fine while drinking and even for a few hours after, but will bottom out overnight.   I know that margaritas make my BG go sky high right away but that I will drop quite swiftly in the middle of the night.  I know that I don't cover the carbs in light beer or white wine and am able to avoid the sky rocket and crashing.

Be careful.  Be responsible.   Take the time to figure out what works for you.   :-) 

I didn't drink in high school either. But now when I do, I usually always have food with it. I'm more of a social drinker though, and never do it to get "drunk". I bolus correctly for the food and unless it is a mixed drink made with something with carbs like a juice or something, or if it's a really sweet wine I may take a little insulin. I usually don't bolus for the drink and just try to do a blood test more often to in case I start to go up. As everyone has said, different kinds of drinks affect you differently, it's really something you have to figure out on your own.

The lack of nutritional information is weird though. I never really thought about it though, since the only drinks I really worry about taking insulin for are mixed ones that don't come in a container anyways.

Well, i ave never tried it & the people i hang out w/ would never try it. (it seems like that right now, people change of course!) i was just wondering because i want to be prepared. Thanks for the advice :D