Carb Counting

Hey there!


Has anyone ever found a good resource for carb counting that includes gluten free options? Apps for phones/ipod, or books? When looking up carb information on the go, most of the apps I've come across have VERY limited info on gluten free foods.


Just wondering if anyone else has ever found anything that is helpful!



Haven't seen anything that's exclusively gluten free, but there are a couple good resources.

Calorie King Guide to Calories, Fat and Carbohydrates (book you can get at Walmart or any bookstore, plus there's a website and app)

Lose It (free) or Track 3 diabetes (costs $6) app.  Takes a little bit a work, but you can enter the nutrional info on your favorite foods and save them.  I've saved whole meals to favorites.

Thanks for your help! The app where you can save your "favorites" sounds like it would be helpful for me.

I have considered making a gf carb counting app, but the $99 posting fee for the iTunes store is a barrier. If I come up with one that is good enough, I would though, because I know there are probably a lot of people that could benefit from it!

Good apps are FatSecret, Calorie King, MyFitnessPal.

FatSecret can push your meals data (carbs, protein, fat, fibre) to Health Kit on the phone, which apps like PredictBGL can use for dosing and prediction.


I am on a gluten-free regiment as well. I am curious if anyone out there has seen any research about gluten-free “carbs”, as opposed to “normal” carbs, in relation to carb counting.

It seems that, the gluten-free carbs, at least to me, raise my sugar more … but. I could be wrong. As only certain grain products are gluten-free, it limits what I can eat. GF bakery product tend to be expensive, so, I eat more corn taco’s that anything else. Just some general comments.

Just some thoughts.


Hey i have been diabetic for like 10 years now. recently i am facing postmeal hypo despite having raised BG before meal.reason could be that my bolus is high bt i ate low carb diet to keep my sugar in range bt it leads to hypo. could you please suggest me that how much carbs i should be consuming for each meal or total no. of carbs in a day. How many carbs are covered by one unit of insulin? if it depends on weight i am 41 kg and of 25 years(female) and taking multiple injection and lantus as basal. total dose is 30 units.also i am underweight( horribly thin) could you please suggest me any book or website to gain weight in diabetes.