Carb cravings

Ok... I was having a major carb craving last night, and my husband was giggling.  He kept suggesting things (apple, watermelon, pretzels, etc) that were small, but still carby.  I did laugh at his suggestion of a pickle or pistachios (only if I yelled at them to get them to crack though).  I gave up and settled for a hug - all sweet and nice and CARB FREE.  But my question is, what do you do when your cravings hit?

I usually give in haha. the bf has gone on a trip more than once to forfill my carb craving. luckily it doesn't happen toooo often. and it's worse when i'm high so it's a warning sign for me i might be high..then i take insulin and try to ignore the craving.

I think pickles are a good idea. The taste helps kill my craving sometimes. When they don't work I drink big glasses of water and/or chew a bunch of sugarfree gum. And when that doesn't work...I just go ahead and give in... >_<

Why are you avoiding carbs so strictly?  Do you know your carb count (the number of carbs you can eat to cover one unit of insulin)?  

@ Jenna - It's not that I am avoiding carbs so strictly it was more of a me "being stubborn and whiny and wanting to be normal" kind of moment..  I had dinner at 7 (lean pocket, chicken and artichoke - yummy) bolused, all was good.  Got home 8:30, and my hubby at gone to Del Taco and left me a couple tacos.  Now I'm not one to say no to Mexican food.... of any kind.  Bolused and corrected (was running a bit high) all was good.  9:30.. cravings hit.  I didn't feel like bolusing again.  I was being stubborn and really didn't want to over do it and crash overnight, or be high in the morning.  

@Kiara - I will have to try the pickle thing.  

@Batts - I know the feeling of it being worse when high.  That's why I settled for a hug instead.  

I hope you're taking a bolus if you're high though, regardless of if you give into the craving! (sometimes if I'm not too high, I'll still have some carbs and add the extra units though)

Oh ya, I bolus to correct when I'm high, giving in or not.  

I give in. Especially if I'm running around at work, I figure I don't need to bolus. Sometimes I end up high, sometimes just fine. If I'm at home though, I eat almonds or celery.

That's one big reason I like the pump... correction boluses don't mean another shot. It's not just the mental "ugh i hate shots" it's also the "do i have to stop what i'm doing and find some corner to shoot up" when i'm at the office.

Trader Joe's (and i bet other health food shops have them) have these frozen ice pops made out of peaches. They're 11 carbs, perfect for when I have a low. I'm getting so sick of my glucose tabs:)

i just miss indiscriminately eating tortilla chips and salsa. I still have them on occasion they're just a huge pain in the butt to dose for.

I gotta say I "try" to go for the carrots, but that's just not the same as a twix bar!  Usually a few bites works, if not...thank goodness for the PUMP!