Carbs and Sugar Free Candy

Greetings to anyone reading this,
Today I bought some sugar-free candy and the endo told me I could feed my daughter sugar-free candy. So even though the candy is sugar-free, I still have to count carbs and give her insulin right? I would appreciate any candy recomendations and treats that are more diabetic friendly that you guys like. Thanks in advance!

I like the sugar free Russel Stover chocolates (they don’t taste gross at all haha) and some sugar free candies still do have a lot of carbs so just check and compare.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten sugar free candy, although the Russell Stovers @Autumn_Rose mentioned were good. I cover my carbs (whatever they’re “made of”) based on my insulin board, activity and other factors. Years ago I was taught that “sugar free sites but mean fat free” and the satisfaction you would get from sugar, you get from fat instead. Again that’s how it was explained to me and fats affect blood sugar as well.
A good rule of thumb to check with your doctor if you have questions about just how to proceed so you’ll learn the knowledge you need to make decisions on your own over time, and how to evaluate and consider whether personal experiences and suggestions shared on the forum might work for your daughter.

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@ary_shine Hi Ary and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

You are wise in recognizing that “sugar” isn’t the only carbohydrate that must be taken into account by a person with autoimmune diabetes. It has been my experience - 64 years living with diabetes - that foods labeled “sugar free”, “healthy”, “dietetic”, “diabetic food” are more difficult to manage and account for effect on BGL - body glucose levels- than ordinary foods unless one knows how those hard to spell chemicals listed in ingredients affect ones body; a sugar-free candy is just as sweet as, or sweeter than, a real candy made with pure ingredients rather than with chemicals added.

I’m not a candyman, but I do enjoy a nice piece of chocolate, or dark-chocolate bar from time-to-time, so I’ll yield to others more experienced for giving you recommendations for your daughter.

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I like Lily’s, although I’m not sure if they are available everywhere. I also like Amberlyn chocolates. They are sold online at All of their chocolates are sugar free and gluten free. I especially like Lily’s dark chocolate bar with almonds and Amberlyn’s truffles. These both raise my blood sugar less than Russell Stover chocolates do.

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I would suggest that you just try some different ones and pay particular attention to the sweetener used. That would lead you in how to choose a candy for her.
I personally hate Maltitol since it has the same effect as any “regular” sugar candy for me. The newer sweeteners, stevia, erythitol, etc. usually have less of an effect but it is something I have to cover with a bolus. Just not as much, and it is a slower affect.

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I didn’t know there were Russel Stover chocolates that were sugar free. Thanks for the recommendation!

Thanks for that advice, that differently helps me!

@pamcklein Awesome recommendations, will definitely take a look at that!

Thanks to everyone for such good recommendations! Greatly appreciate it!

Have fun with the taste tests - be thorough!

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Haha sure will, thanks!

Reviving the conversation, because so much “sugar free” or otherwise lower carb candy really IS kind of gross — and choices for my family are even more limited because of celiac, so:

It’s almost Valentines Day, and while there will be plenty of full-sugar treats in our house, too, I’d love to hear what lower-carb, gluten-free candy you like. Recommendations?

I treat myself to the regular stuff and bolus accordingly, but I found an app called Yummly that has tons of recipes, including sugar free candies. You can filter by gluten free and other options.