I’m not vegan, but I am vegetarian. My endo made a comment at my last appointment that most people are about 50/50 as far as bolus vs basal insulin, but that I am more around 60/40. She said that it looks like the amount of carbs I eat are higher than most people. There are some meals where I’m over 100 carbs in one meal! Do you find that because of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle you intake a lot more carbs? How does it affect your levels?

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I’m also Vegetarian, and T1. I find that if I ate like a true vegetarian is supposed to, I wouldn’t be consuming nearly the amount of carbs I am. We tend to become carbatarians at times. My Diabetes Educator told me that I should be right around 50 carbs per meal 3x daily. So, I think 100 carbs may be a little higher than most, but depends on how your body is using the carbs, and if you are active.

I’m always striving to eat less carbs, and more veggies, to be what an “ideal” vegetarian should be. It’s tough though!



I know this thread hasn’t been active for a long time, but just thought I would give my input.

For the past two years I have shifted my diet to be very high carb. I usually eat about 75-100 grams of whole-food carbs per each meal. This usually consists of fruit, fruit smoothies, potatoes, quinoa, rice, and beans. I am quite active, and I started feeling much better after including carbs that I needed and not starving myself. Also, I have found that when you are eating low carb, you are forced to eat more fats and proteins for sufficient calories. I have this theory (that I have also read about) that when more fat is consumed with carbs it causes your blood sugar to stay elevated for longer because it slows down the absorption and makes the insulin less effective. I have experimented/tested out this theory a lot and it seems to be true, so I prefer to eat a lower fat diet so my blood sugars and the amount of insulin I need is more predictable.

That’s what’s worked for me!

Ive been vegan for a year. I take vitamins, eat whole foods, and exercise regularly. I just found out I am anemic. Low Blood pressure has been kicking my ass and causing my A1Cs to be higher as I feel low and end up eating when I am not low. Has anyone else struggled with anemia and diabetes?