Carry cases you like, daily and Travel?

Does anyone have a carrying case that they like? We are in the hunt for one for daily use and for travel. I have looked online - but it is hard to tell without actually seeing the case. I haven’t seen anything actually in stores. My 11 yr old is newly diagnosed, so this would be for Mom/Dad to carry at least for now. We use a pen and are doing MDI. Thanks for any tips.

We just bought a FRIO pack - any thoughts on that would be welcome too. Thanks!

Hi, we are newly diagnosed as well, and I am sorry to hear about your child. My daughter is 9. I searched everywhere for a case, it was incredibly hard to find a case that could carry her insulin pen since it was large and her monitor and all of her nano needles (since she is a MDI). Her lancets, alcohol wipes for on the go, and snacks for on the go. We wanted a hard case, durable that could with- stand some beatings. I was so scared of dropping it and having to replace her monitor or worse pen. We found a website that is called “” we ordered a case from there. It comes it variety colors. I hope you find what you are looking for. Keep searching, I know I still have to search and search for things that are compatible for our lifestyle. Also my 9 year old does take this to school with her, it gives me peace of mind knowing she can toss her backpack and know her stuff will not get smashed inside the hard case. It is discrete, looking almost looks like a large wallet. Also her pens do fit perfectly. Other than i carry the case with me.

Thanks for the lead on the website. I will definitely check it out. We are lucky in that we can leave a full set of supplies at school, so our son doesn’t have to carry things back and forth at the moment. I hope your daughter is doing well. I have been so impressed with how my son is handling all of this - I think I would have struggled more than he is. It’s early days and I know there will be down times, but truly he has amazed me.

My daughter has supplies at school as well, thank goodness for 504 plans, I had never even heard of those until recently! I have her carry her extra monitor supplies because after school we are always on the go. Usually she needs a “booster” to keep her going. Also, she is involved in extra activities so we are trying to have her get used to having her supplies on her at all times. But when she is at school, the nurse has her other supplies. We do have it in her 504 plan that she is allowed to check whenever and wherever. We had a situation where she dropped so low she was unable to stand. We then had to revise the plan. We found it best that she be able to carry her supplies with her. That way if she feels something strange, we would not have to wait for the teacher to call the nurse, and the nurse to come and check her. We do have snacks in every room she goes to. With her carrying her own case we have been able to prevent about 5 very low BG’s. She felt the shakes coming on. Checked on her own and was taking down with a buddy to the nurse, treated and we all felt a sense of relief knowing she had her case with her.
I defiantly understand how you feel, this new diagnoses is not easy. Im sure you want to jump off the rollercoaster. Its amazing how much strength children have compared to adults, it almost seems they have more to teach us!

My 8 year old was diagnosed in January. Until recently, we were using the Igloo Stowe Vertical Lunch bag ($13 from Target).
We carried it everywhere! It held all of his supplies & snacks.
On hot days spent outside, we threw an ice pack in it.
Now we’re using the Lilly bag the endo gave us.

We found an inexpensive Rubbermaid one on Amazon. Our pinkcamo Lilly bag finally disintegrated.

The Rubbermaid was a lunchbox that was a little smaller, but it holds her kit, insulin pens, mini-sharps container, glucagon, extra supplies, with room left over for snacks, etc. it has a shoulder strap, so my daughter wears it as a cross body. Also, it zips mainly from the top, so it is easier to fish stuff out of when needed.
It also has two net holders on the sides for water bottles, or even a cell phone.

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My seven year old has to carry his bag wherever he goes at school in case of a look down. The Lily bag from the endo is nice but if it had backpack straps on it,it would be better. I searched all over for a small backpack but could not find one we liked or that wasn’t expensive. So, we made our own. I got a lunch bag we liked and that was the right size and sewed backpack straps on it. My son loves it! I also had it personalized with his name on it. Good luck on your search for the perfect bag.