Carrying around bags :(

ok so today i went to my freinds volley ball game and my monitor was in my draw string bag the whole game i wuz like clutching on to my bag cause i thought it was goin to fall of the bleachers anyone have the same problem?

i put my meter in my purse. i have never really had a problem worrying about it falling out. maybe switch to a bag you can keep on your shoulder or in your lap while you're sitting? even if it fell under the bleachers you could still get it.

yeahhh i alwayskeep my meter in a purse....i have a lot of really cute ones just 4 my meter!!!!!! i have a lot that go across my body and on my shoulders so i wont loose it and it wont fall off!!!! i would suggest buying a bag like that!!! I LOVE mine <3 i hope that helps!!!!!

Oh how I'm hating the extra baggage. I death grip my bag when I have diabetes related items stored away..

It annoys me sometimes to have to carry stuff around with me all the time. My meter and emergency insulin are never far from me. I envy you girls who have something to keep your supplies in that is normal. I usually tend to wander about with one of those Nike Sports Sack things. Which is fine most of the time. However sometimes carrying a bag around is not a very good thing or does not go with my outfit. Pardon the saying. However, not having the stuff is worse. I tend to ignore comments from people about my man purse. I mean it has bailed me out a few times.

i always have a purse with me anyway because i need a place to keep my keys and phone, so it doesn't bother me shoving diabetes supplies in there. i have a tendency to lean towards luggage sized purses anyway, so there's plenty of room. i could probably fit brian in my purse...

heeey guys, Forever Love [its the accessories store for Forever 21] has some really cute mini purses that go across your body!! i have this blue one and its fantastic. i can unclip the strap and use it as just a carrier for my supplies and put that in my bag/purse :) Target has cute ones too. just putting this out there xP i practically collect mini zippy-bags for my supplies, since i get bored with the same one or it wears out, since we're using it multiple times every day!

Obviously it's easier for us women who already carry a purse, but the times carrying my supplies around annoys me are, (1) going to something fancy b/c it's hard to fit a meter, strips, candy, phone, credit card into those little bags, and (2) when I'm at the airport, I try to divide up my supplies b/c I worry if someone tried to steal my bag off the x-ray machine, I'd be in big trouble.

Sarah, the bag is great but can be inconvenient no matter how you play the game. It could be worse though. I mean if nothing else the meters and accessories have gotten smaller and less bulkier. I mean there is always the mini meter and the lancing device is so much smaller than we used to have. The other stuff I usually can hide in pockets if necessary. At one point when someone on here asked what I had in my pockets I was amazed. It is very easy to turn a pari of cargo pants into a small purse....

As for someone taking my bag at the airport. I would have that as a low level of worry. I mean with the security check point and all. Not to mention I personally would chase my bag down. Forget the insulin and stuff. I have books and magazines in there. I would go crazy on a plane without that stuff.

Brian, you all should know I worry about unnecessary things! But going on a trip w/o my supplies, esp out of the country makes me worry! lol. One time, a TSA agent laughed (in a good natured way) at the large amount of supplies I had packed for a week in the Caribbean.

I am just as paranoid as you when I travel. I was on a four day trip and had enough supplies for three weeks. My philosophy and maybe boy scout upbringing or maybe OCD is that it is better to be prepared than to run out. I just don't worry as much about someone taking off with my magic bag of supplies! But we all have our own things that we worry about.

Since I have a pump and thus insulin always on me, when I'm going out for a short while, I just stick glucose tabs (and my inhaler) in my pocket. I loathe carrying bags. 

When I'm going to be out for longer, though, I pack everything into a messenger bag, and usually bring a book along, too. 

Depending on where I'm going (if it's out to dinner or a friend's house or something) I can just carry my meter with me alone and stick a tube of glucose gel or something inside of the meter case.  If I'm going somewhere else for a larger part of the day, I usually have a bag with me anyway for other stuff, like food, music stand, etc. if I'm going somewhere like orchestra rehearsal.  Carrying diabetes stuff is always a hassle but then again so is carrying everything else you need.

I tend toward the luggage size purse as well.  I find myself looking at bags that are actually laptop or attache cases.  My friends have fortunately managed to steer me away from astonishingly huge ones so far.  I actually think that maybe I use the necessary equipment as an excuse to have a bigger purse.  I now carry hand lotion, bandaids, lots of fruit snacks, tylenol, allergy medicine, extra insulin, an infusion set, etc, etc, etc.  When I am looking for something my 3 year old frequently replies, "It's in your purse!"  He likes to throw things in there too!

My new best friend:

I now own 3 of them in different colors. Incredibly useful, fits an inhaler, glucose tabs, meter, test strips and lancets with ease. I just clasp it to my belt loops.

Now I can finally wear jeans and carry all my various supplies. :P

I rarely get comments on them, and I've only heard positives.

I also own a man-bag, a nice Fossil one which was a gift. I don't have to carry it around often, but I don't really get any comments when I do.

For all the girls:

When I started getting more independent and got on the pump, i convinced my mom to get me a Juicy Couture daydreamer bag. They are big and so cute! Also usually i think the meter poches are ungly, so if you look around there are so many designer pouches you cna turn into your diabetes poches, i have a small black juicy couture pouch, its supposed to be a pencil case, and i got it at nordstroms rack, works perfectly as a diabetes pouch!! 

Hope this helps (:

whoa, got a $200 bag just to carry your diabetic kit around?

I just carry a big enough purse to throw my d stuff in there. I need a new purse. maybe a satchel :)