Casey Johnson's death diabetes related

She died of DKA!!!!! Here's link to video (copy and paste)

So basically she didn't take her insulin?

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So basically she didn't take her insulin?


I would guess that also, they didn't say. The coroner just said she died of DKA, had meds. and pneumonia


I understand the science behind DKA but in her case did this happen to her because she did not take care of herself----drugs, diet and so on?  Is dying of DKA common?  Basically,  is this preventable?





Keith,I was just talking to my daughter on the phone and she said she heard Caey Johnson passed away because of pneumonia....I told her what I just read here....Sad for Casey's  family...

I would rather not know these things.  I would think it's preventable, but it underscores the reality that diabetes sucks!  You can't let your guard down.

Hi Kevinsmom,I have always tried myself not to read or hear  negative things related to d... It just happens sometimes anyway......This story is on the news and I'd hoped it was not d related.I think more things will come out as time goes on.

It's just a reminder of days that lie ahead, where I won't be there to make his decisions for him.  I've always worried about teenage rebellion, not too much because it's so far in the future for us (my oldest is 10).  Now more than ever I hope Kevin makes the right choices as the temptations of adolescence approach.  Again, I have years before Kevin (age 6) is at that stage, but these types of events make me realize how vulerable our little ones are. It's almost as if this makes my job as a parent that much more important.  I know that sounds silly...

I would bet,being the good parent that you seem to be...that you will give him love and  a strong foundation to build on and he will grow to become one fine adult one day.......I always keep my eye on all those here dealing with type 1 and have done just wonderful in life.It makes me see that all this is possible for everyone....I will pull up one post that really helped me when I first found Juvenation :)

I heard a dr. interviewed on tv tonight who said her death was completely preventable. But, she had been drinking and taking drugs, so they're guessing she forgot to take her insulin. Who knows for how long.

Hi meme, It was Brittany Murphy who died of pneumonia. The coroner's offices released the news on both celebrities around the same time today, so it got a little confusing. Brittany died of pneumonia, Casey died of DKA.

Speaking of Casey Johnson, I nearly lost my cool in the comments of a news blog tonight, the comments followed a news article about her death being caused by DKA. Tons of people were writing dangerously innacurate information about diabetes, and stating incorrect things as if they were facts. This is a real pet peeve of mine, I worry that a young diabetic person will read a bit of false information and make a poor decision about their health.

The comment below the news blog that really got me going was "High blood sugar isn't dangerous to diabetics, the only way a diabetic can go into a coma is if they don't eat or take too much insulin". WHAT?!? Did they even bother to Google or Wikapedia Ketoacidosis?? Somebody could read that and assume it isn't that dangerous to neglect their insulin shots, and the same tragedy that happened to Casey Johnson could happen to them.

Everybody needs to take good care of themselves, and get all of their medical information from an educated source. Diabetes can be managed, we need to spread the truth!

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Hi meme, It was Brittany Murphy who died of pneumonia. The coroner's offices released the news on both celebrities around the same time today, so it got a little confusing. Brittany died of pneumonia, Casey died of DKA.


Thanks Brianne,I did have the names mixed up..

she died from DKA which was a result of more diseases including alcoholism and drug abuse. she was so high on drugs and alcohol she def wasnt taking her insulin for god knows how long. This story makes me sad because thats a pretty horrible death and there obviously wasnt anyone there for her. Its really sad.

I posted a while back that it was because of DKA and not drugs or drinking.  She had a problem a few years back but quit the drugs with help.  She had her issues.  I help my endo fund raise in the LA area when I can and Casey has been there all along the way to help.  I didn't know her but had seen her at a few events and was there in my doctor's office when the coroner called to ask a few questions and get the medical records.   She had been battling diabulimia for a couple years and as many on here know, it's a dangerous trend and tough to get out of.  Mix it in with depression - it was more than she could take.  She was trying to get help and seeing people for her issues but she couldn't get out of the downward spiral.   I hope T1's see this as an example to get help and pull themselves out of this state rather than blame it on another rich kid being out of control.  She helped raise a lot of money for people in this area, I hope she can be respected for that even though she didn't make the right choices in regards to her own health.

I'm glad you posted this comment Doug, you're right, she should be respected for her fund raising. And thank you for shedding some light on her struggle with diabulimia. I'd wondered if this could have been part of the problem.
Diabulimia is so dangerous, and its important for all of us to be aware of the consequences.

So sad, so sad.

I'm sad about Casey too. When I was first diagnosed I used Diabulimia to take the pounds off. It sent me into severe DKA and almost killed me. That is no way to live (or die.) I wish more people knew about Diabulimia and the signs. I'm happy to say I haven't tried it since and won't even think about trying it!