so i was wondering if there was anything with type one and cavities and getting them filled or anything.. i'm getting on filled next month and my dentist said that he had to be extra careful with me or something..

i've had plenty of fillings. it's nothing really. he might just be concerned about your blood sugar dropping or something. do you have a lot of fillings needed?


when i was younger i'd go to the hospital for dental work...but i have never really known if that was cuz of my diabetes or because i kicked a dentist in the jaw when i was 4 and they were trying to put me to sleep for some work....

     The only thing I've noticed with getting a cavity filled is that it takes a bit longer than usual for the novocaine to wear off.

I've never had an issue with having a cavity filled.  In fact my dentist has never mentioned it before.  I didn't consider the anesthetic part of the equation because I never have received it at the dentist.

I just got a couple filled like 2 weeks ago it was fine. I mean I guess maybe he said that cuz he wants to make sure your bg doesnt drop while hes filling them? thats the only reason I can think of. It went smoothly for me I'm sure you will be fine

I've never had a problem -- just made sure I wasn't low before he started. He may be worried about slower healing if something gets infected? He may also just be worried b/c he's unfamiliar w/ D?

Don't worry about a thing! Just make sure you check your blood glucose before and after the procedure. I have always heard doctor's say "we will have to be extra careful b/c of your diabetes." Well, its true, you need to be extra careful due to us healing slower and that leaves us upen to infection. But, hey, guess what? Everybody has the same risks. Remember that the steroids in the novocaine that is injected to help prevent swelling will cause your BG to rise. Take care.