65 years this month since diagnosis and doing well, don’t know what 65 years is like gold or silver whatever, but I am still going strong and having fun. Have a great day. Bye Jan


Congratulations Janice!

You’ve lived a full life in spite of diabetes. Hope there is many more for you to celebrate.

Thanks Dennis, I am aiming for 120 Have a great one. Bye Jan


Not in spite of, because of . Bye again Jan

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Congratulations! I have had trpe 1 for 58 years and am still up and running,too!


You’re an inspiration to all!

Dawn, if it had not been for my Diabetes I may not have realized my strength and independence , sometimes to my husband’s dismay, Just Kidding, Marines need strong wives, have a great day, bye Jan

Rosemary, Congratulations to you too, keep up the good work, strong women, don’t you love it. Have a great day. Bye Jan

Great Job Janice! I am working on 67 years and still have some issues occasionally. Wow isn’t technology (meters, pumps and cgm) very helpful. I am enjoying life in Florida and expect many more years.

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Good for you Rosemary, keep running.

Are we all aiming for 125 years? How many of us over 50 are there anyone know? Ps: Roger what is your secret? Just curious Bye Jan

No secrets, just had a Mom who spoiled me but left me with good habits and attitude. Now, my wife does a great job helping me to eat properly and keep up with my procedures.

Roger, I wrote a post called “how I eat what I want” and that’s what I do. No diabetes in my eyes, kidneys etc, just in my blood. Funny it works for me, I treat my body as if it is normal, take my insulin as if my body was doing it. Thanks for the input. Bye Jan Ps: Tell your Mom and Wife they are doing and have done a great job. Did find out that if I keep my BS above 140 no neuropathy!!!