Celebratory post: Met my A1c goal!

I remember posting on this forum for the first time last year when I was so distraught about my A1c, which was higher than I wanted. You all offered me so many kind words of support. So I wanted to send you a happy update: my A1c is below 7% for the first time since my honeymoon period over 10 years ago! It’s 6.9, admittedly, but just seeing that 6 made my day. Blood sugar control in college is not easy, but it helps to have resources like this online that I can always consult. Thank you for your words of wisdom.


Nice work @bfc9cz awesome that you were able to do that!

That’s awesome - congratulations!

Great job - it takes a lot of work to achieve A1c goals!!

I liked reading your “sunny-faced” and positive posting, Briget @bfc9cz . Welcome back, and congratulations on pushing your HbA1c below 7% . This shows your determination for effectively managing your diabetes - especially with the College Challenge.

Although I’ve been involved with A1c readings [using different scales] since its development in the 1970’s, I don’t remember setting a goal for myself - at first, like you, when I saw some ridiculously high percentages, I used that as a wake-up call.

Proud of you @bfc9cz! You’re awesome!!

That is something to celebrate! Enjoy your success, and keep up the good work.

Great job! It does take work and discipline to achieve this goal!

@bfc9cz Major thumbs up! I know I was thrilled when I got my A1c where I wanted it. It’s a battle to keep it there, and I’ve slipped a bit now and then, but it is, without doubt, a glorious feeling!