I got tested for celiac last week and my test came back high. They said normal was 19 and mine was 48 so I have to got to the doctor in january tp set up the biopsy. I am kind of nervous. i feel like it is one more thing for me to have to deal with. I guess it is what it is.  But my mom did say that it is better to know. I will feel alot better if i know.

I've been eating gluten free for 9 years. it's actually pretty easy - most grocery stores carry some gluten free products and lots of restaurants are now offering gluten free menus as well. it's not as hard as it seems (and much easier now than it was 9 years ago!). the only down side is that GF food is more expensive than normal food. but i have to admit i feel a whole hell of a lot better now than i ever did previously. i went out of town over the weekend and accidentally got some gluten while i was out and was pretty much in my own private nightmare all day yesterday. it always reminds me why i enjoy eating gluten free - the tummyaches just aren't worth it. 

since eating GF, i'm also no longer anemic, my hair isn't falling out, my bone density scans are normal, and i haven't had any wacky illnesses. all in all, i'm pretty happy about changing my diet. overwhelming at first, but it's easy to get the hang of it. if you can, you might have a chat with a dietitian (or feel free to send me a message!). 

i've had 4 stomach/upper GI biopsies. they aren't that bad. i had a sore throat for a day or two and a little bit of an achey neck, but it's a really easy recovery. stay hydrated and take some advil or something if you need to!

i'm more than happy to answer any questions for you if you need them :o) just let me know!