Celiacs disease

G'day all,

I am so annoyed at my body, I just found out that I am positive for Celiacs and am scheduled to have a biposy. I am ignoring it at the moment because I am just so freaking annoyed. Type 1 had impacted the flexibility with which I could eat things but I have gotten better at Carb counting and have adjusted. Celiacs adds another layer and it has got me bloody annoyed. I am not a small guy and like food (but am fairly trim) and having to think more and more about what I eat is frustrating.

So apart from just ranting, I thought I might ask if anyone else here has been diagnosed as having Celiacs as well and if so how you have integrated it with T1D?


Hi Austen,

While I do not have Celiac, I can tell you there are many on this site that do.  You may have already found it, but under the "Groups" tab on this site, you'll find a group dedicated to Celiac and T1:  http://juvenation.org/groups/celiac_disease_and_diabetes/default.aspx

I hope someone here can give you some first-hand advice!

Best wishes,


I have celiac and t1. I'll be honest, between having the 2, I find diabetes more annoying. Diabetes I have to think about constantly, where as celiac I only have to think about when I want to eat.

There are LOTS of resources out there for what's safe/not safe to consume on a gluten free diet. I was diagnosed 8 years ago, and I find it much, much easier to go grocery shopping and eat out now. A lot of the grocery stores in Iowa have "gluten free" aisles where all the special GF products are together. Many of the restaurants are also starting to make GF menus too, so eating out is getting easier. When I was first diagnosed, no one really knew what celiac was or how to treat it, so I was left on my own. I ate a lot of fruits, veggies, and rice.

I was also incredibly sick with it. We could never figure out what the problem was, so for 10-15 years, I suffered greatly. I was extremely thin. I was losing muscle because my body thought it was starving - I was a competitive dancer so this was very frustrating. I was so anemic my bone marrow stopped producing red blood cells and the ones I had were very deformed. I would get very out of breath and dizzy because my RBCs couldn't deliver oxygen properly. I also had tumors in my stomach, and my hair started to fall out. I'm telling you this because I think "ignoring it" is a bad idea.

I've had 4 biopsies. Ever since my diagnosis in 2002, I have never "cheated" on the GF diet. It wasn't worth it to me. I'm very healthy now and help educate other newly diagnosed celiacs in the community. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when you have other illnesses on top of it, but the treatment for celiac is simple. Modify your diet slightly and you'll feel better.

If you have more questions, please let me know. I'd be happy to help.

Sorry to hear about your potential diagnosis! When I got the biopsy last year, luckily she just found gastritis (common with D). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. When I was researching it, there were a lot of support groups out there on the web with great hints for the GF diet. I hope you find people who can help you.

The fingers are crossed over on this end as well man!

I work for several months over spring and summer at a Diabetes camp, and have to set special meals up as subs for the "norm" meal that would be served, to allow the Celiacs to eat and feel anymore separated then they already might, and let me tell you! It is work! Although I find the product produced when sticking to a Celiacs options often produces a better texture, taste, and overall result!

Oh man, that sucks.  :(  I don't have first-hand experience with Celiacs disease, but I'll give you this little bit of encouragement:  My cousin has had it BAD since he was born, and it's only improved over time (he now actually ignores the diet rules, he's doing so well... but that's actually a pretty unhealthy move).

Rice is your friend, and so is the health food store.  The ones around here have little signs to indicate everything that is gluten-free.  I'd start there.  I think it it would make me feel a little more "normal" to be able to grocery shop someplace where I didn't have to search every label for ingredients containing gluten.

I am also one of the people on here dealing with both celiac and type 1 diabetes. They are both a pain but IDK which is worse because at times I believe that the celiac comes and goes when it wants to. One day I will be fine and then the next I am sick with stomach cramps and not feeling good. Im not sure if there is any relationship with the diabetes and the celiac but I know neither of them are fun to deal with.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Austen. My aunt that I am really close with has Celiacs. She is 29 and was just diagnosed a few years ago. At first, she had a hard time with eating and her diet but now she does great! Although she does not have T1, she has another autoimmune issue too. I think after the initial adjustment, you will be feeling much better! Best of luck to you.