Cgm accuracy

We were put on the dexcom last week. We do like alot of things about this product, but was wondering if anyone has anything to say about different cgms. I know they are not marketed for being exact numbers. Trends are what you are look ing for. But Ethans has been off for as much as 200 point as of last night. He was 200 and the cgm said he was 400. So, how off are your guys other cgm's and does the accuracy decline towards the end of the sensor? I am thinking that was part of the reason it was so off last night. We missed his alarm because he and we were sleeping and we have not yet gotten the baby monitors.  We will be paying out of pocket so as much information you can give us about all products we be helpful. Thanks!

The closest my unit has been off has been by about 50mg/dL, but that is usally due to other reasons. Sometimes the pump cannot keep up with spikes or drops. BTW I have the paradigm pump cgms. I normally really have not noticed a decline in use for the sensors for me. Plus, I usually keep mine in for six and not the three days. After that I would worry about the decline in numbers. This past sensor I have been using has been amazing. Not sure if I found a sweet location or something, but it has been great. Any calibration has been off by only a few points in either direction and I am no day five and a half.



The accuracy issues I had with both my Dex and Dex7 trial were a big part of the reason I went with the Navigator, though my errors were false lows, not highs.  The Navigator has a bigger transmitter unit that is more challenging to keep attached and the home display is not quite as useful as the guardian RT but it is a smaller sensor (under the skin) than the Guardian (and hidden on insertion) and the range on it is phenomenal.  I was upstairs in the office yesterday and my wife came up to let me know I had a low alarm buzzing in our kitchen...  I haven't yet had it lose signal in my house (it is not a particularly large house)...


Also, the local support for the Navigator is considerably lighter than Dexcom.  I had two Dex reps in front of me who were both local.  My closest Nav trainer had to drive 5.5 hours to get up here to train me.  Depending on your needs, the right answer is the one that works best for you.   I have an obvious bias but it is based on researching what I needed for me…  That may be… a… well… remarkably small demographic, LOL






Thanks for the extra info. It is all very helpful. The range thing has me very interested. I would like to have the reciever while Ethan is on the ice during hockey. In the sumer it would be nice to have it on the beach when he is swimming.

Just wanted to update. Our sensor accuracy is great with this sensor this time. i think we were making calibration errors. So thanks for your help!