CGM Alternate site placement when pregnant? Help!

Does anyone else use a Dexcom and where else do you put it when you belly skin gets too tight to put it there?  I am needing to put it in another place but don't know where?  Anyone else have this problem?

I have the minimed sensor, but I put it in my upper hip/lower back area. I don't know if this would work out with your kind, but I agree, the tummy skin is really tight!

I use the Dexcom and I insert my sensor on my side, about 4 inches above my hip bone, where I have just a little bit of fat. Before pregnancy, I weighed 106 lbs at 5'2". My only body fat seems to be on my belly (either side of my belly button) and on my sides there just above my hip bone. I am hoping I can use that throughout my entire pregnancy. I am currently at 23 weeks.