CGM and pump sites

I’m thinking about getting a CGM with my pump, but I don’t want two sites. Do any of y’all bother having two sites?

Nobody really wants two sites, but it's a necessary evil with CGMs. It doesn't really bother me too much bc I leave my sensor in for about a week. The good news is that if you don't feel like having a second site, you don't have to do it. I just came off about a 2 week break from my CGM.

I have used the CGMS since they came out and would not go without one. I use my upper thighs, slightly toward the inside. I don't use this site for infusion sets because I don't like the tubing going down there. I use stomach and upper body for infusion sets. I also kept the CGMS for as long as it will go, usually 2 weeks. They are far less trouble than the infusion sets that have to be changed every three days.

2 sites are not any issue for me. The CGM doesn't have to be used 24/7 like the pump. So every so often, I take a break. The data the CGM provides is so awsome.

I agree with Dani, completely...  The information it gives you as the wearer of a CGM and to your Doctor is so much more a complete approach to handling diabetes.  It will allow him to go off more than hand written notes taken by you and the A1C every 2 to 3 months, as the average "CGM" device takes your Blood sugar reading about every 5 minutes, which will alow him to better make better adjustments in your Basil rate, which will make you feel boldly well much better and if your in a Movie Theater, you can glance down to see what it is and what it is doing, without having to go to the bathroom, probably missing the best part of the movie, because you feel low...  or you can set you CGM up to alert you (vibrate or beep) when it goes up or down fast or really fast...  allowing you to do something without having a low and taking glucose tabs, or too high, and you might not realize it and getting very sleepy during events.

All in all, having two devices in your body is a little hart to get use to at first...  but give it a week, with all the info it gives you all the time, also allowing your doctor to fine tune your pump settings, as I said will make you FEEL so much BETTER and more CONFIDENT... like you are in charge of your diabetes, not that diabetes controls your life... you will not know how you lived without it.


I think they are working on a CGM/Infusion set that is all in one, which would just super awesome.  No asexual proof...  but they are always making improvements.  I know that the CGM that Medtronics uses, which is what I wear, they are coming out with a CGM that is the least invasive and has equal wearing time to the Dexcom.  Still two sights, however...