CGM beeping

How do you guys deal with the CGM beeping all day and all night? It drives me crazy.

What do you have the warnings set at? Sometimes I change the warnings depending on what's going on. Usually during the day I have my alerts set at 79 and 200. If I'm high and waiting (forever) for Novolog to take effect, I will either set the BG warning to a higher number or make the "high snooze" wait longer. If I'm running a bit low but I feel stable/steady and ok, I'll just bring the BG value down for the low warning.

You can change your low/high settings. It will beep repeatedly if your glucose level fluctuates around a specific point. I have mine set at 70 and have no problems. It only beeps when I'm on my way down and need to treat. I also keep the CGM near the sensor. Intermittently lost readings can cause repeated alerts (i.e. it is <low setting, then out of range, then <low setting - it looks like its a new low). Though they all have a specific range, the device and the sensor do not communicate well through your body - and for good reason (excess radiation is carcinogenic  - not good).

Which one do you have, we have used all three, on Abbott now

I swear by Dexcom.

I keep my range for high at 205, for some reason it keeps the high alarms fine. At 200 I would run into warnings periodically after a meal, but for some reason 205 keeps it to a minimum. More importantly, the difference between 200 and 205 is normally a 5 minute change and if you are trending high you will catch it almost as fast. For lows I have it set for 65, again to cover excercise and the like. While, it may take longer to know about the lows, normally for myself anything above 60 I am still in a "normal" state. I always have stuff with me to treat a low and especially if this is at night, you will have access to anything you need to get back to where you need.

I found though that I tend to sleep for a while before I hear the alrms. More so have you guys run into the fact that you sometimes in your sleep or in your half sleep that the low/high alarm goes off and you just reach down and silence the pump and go back to sleep? I really hate that. I have done that a few times, granted one time instead of silencing my pump I woke up and turned off my alarm clock and went back to sleep. No alarm that morning, but thank God my pump was buzzing at me.I only overslept by a half hour. Whoops.