CGM Burnout

@jattzl, I have seriously considered it, but, there’s the out of pocket costs to switch, PLUS return to CDE for training on new system. I don’t know if I have the strength.

When it gets too high (bg) exercise for 30 minutes or so should bring it down

Be very careful with exercise when your BGL [Body Glucose Level] is “too high”. When BGL gets severely high, especially when the reason - such as eating “too” much, forgotten insulin, etc. - is not known, exercise could push you into acidosis poisoning [DKA].
The “too” in too high varies from person to person and each of us should determine what that number may be, and also body size and composition play a big part in acidosis.

Hi, I’m very interested to read your post. Like you I have been using Cgm for a while (5 years ish) but boy at quite a cost, both financially and personally on time. I use a medtronic 640g pump, with the guardian sensor, and have had type 1 for 42 years. I’m based in the UK, Im guessing and could be wrong that you’re in the US. Financially it’s a big commitment each month - £210 per month, but more than that its the emotional inpact. Like you, it is all consuming, you’re suddenly becoming a blood sugar geek - is it up or is it down and where is it going… Before using cgms we just got on with life…
The cgms do give lots of features that were not just available before, but I think like you, at what cost…?


Hey you know, its worth having a Cgm holiday in my view… I try to have but don’t always succeed I must be honest in having a Cgm-free week each month can be helpfil
Generally it’s OK - in some respects I worry less about my levels weirdly but there are two good things. One is that my hypo signals are more tuned in, can’t be bad, but also I have a life to enjoy. I know we all thankfully have one but often when you’re using cgm it seems like this is your main focus. We all do it, but life has to go on. I would suggest having a break if you make the chance to do it.


did you mean mollify your concerns? It sure doesn’t make sense the way it’s written.

@davyboy - I’m guessing I misspelt something on my post last night, sorry if it didn’t make sense… That’s predictive text for you :slight_smile:

Very interesting to read your post… I’m hoping to move to the tandem/dexcom but can’t until next year unfortunately. The medtronic pumps and Cgm does take over your life somehow don’t they? Glad to hear there are other options that are better.

@davyboy hi. Nope. I meant modify as in change. An example: If I my behavior is the root cause of me feeling upset, then my only choice to feel better is to change my behavior. Sorry it was vague.

We’re all different eh? We have the same disease but we all deal with it differently which is so frustrating …

@Muttley - after hearing the comments, are you tempted by having a CGM free time?

Yeah Sally @Scrumpyjack65, and I’ll add to that “before BG Meters we survived”.

If I correctly recall, you have been trying for more than 40 years to figure out how to manage life with diabetes. From the “dark ages” when all the tools we had to guess how much insulin to take were our whits, our common sense, how we felt, and seeing how much sugar might have split into our urine over the past few hours.

Sally, you are a survivor!


Indeed yes Dennis, something we often forget… Thank you :slight_smile:

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So when I first posted, I was about to disconnect my CGM and have a break from it but I gave it some thought and for now, I’ve kept it on but have made a rule with myself that I won’t un-necessarily check it for the sake of checking it.

This has worked out far better and it does seem to be more manageable… I still think a break might be a good thing but for now it’s been ok.

Thanks for checking in :smiley:


I’ve had a Medtronic~ 670G with the guardian3 sensor for 3 months. . My fasting blood sugar’s were very high and I was constantly doing a correction bolus.
I called the tech-support line and it was recommended that I go off the sensor for two full days so my pump could unlearn what it had established a normal blood sugar for me so basically I’m rebooting the whole algorithm it’s kind of nice being free of the sensor life is much less complicated and I’m doing just fine without it but I’m going to give it a try and see whether this does the trick

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To clarify my fasting Bg were in AUTO mode where you have no control over your basal rates
they are determined by the data the pump gathers which consequently left me running very high Bgs

Check out the brand new technology from eversense. It is an implantable CGM done at at doctor visit on a simple out patient visit. It’s changed once every 3 months and all data feeds to your smart device. The external transmitter is easily removed and reattached. I’m a big fan of this new technology. They do not offer a closed loop system yet but I would guess it’s only a matter of time.

I was beginning to think I was the only one on burnout! I have the 670G also and the sensor is going off when my bs levels stay good too long or bad too long and kicks me out of auto mode. I try to ignore the beeping and buzzing at night in compromise of a good night rest but end up ignoring my alarm clock too.
My endo is pretty cool but fusses for being out of auto mode so much.
I find it tough to get my A1C down doing auto mode. The pump seems to like me at 140 for some reason.
I think I’m going to ask about a vacay on my next visit and see if that helps too.

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Ik what u mean ever since I got my pump attached to me 24/7 with my g6 hooked up to it iv been completely either obsessing over my bg or completely ignoring it cause I’m so tired of it and even skipped a bolus for a meal like last nights 400 ik I’m smart lol :wink: its hard for me to not obsess over it too sometimes especially since my insulin needs are constantly changing rn with my basal. I go to a homeschool co-op once a week, so hide my pump and only check my bg once all day basically either before or after lunch in the bathroom so no one knows about my T1D and I turn all my alerts off which actually helps me to get a break from it and it’s worked out pretty good so far so maybe once a week try this or just put your alerts a little higher or low alerts a little lower for one day just so u can reset for a day. Idk if this is even a good idea but it works for me. :blush:

Just an update since I was on this thread last and really suffering from burnout. I lasted another few months on Automode on my Medtronic Guardian CGM, but, met with my CDE and went into manual mode last week. It was a little crazy at first, but, after some tweaking, have gotten it to a pretty good place. I have different basal doses set for various times and now it’s just a matter of making small adjustments. I’m still having a few Suspend before low, but, am having lots of 90-120 for long periods of time. I’m getting my sleep again and am much happier. It was the right decision for me. The company would have to make substantial changes for me to go to auto mode again. I had to switch for my own mental health.