CGM Coverage by Medicare

Ask your Senators to co-sponsor legislation to ensure people over 65 have access to life-saving CGM today.

Please support making CGM available to Medicare patients. Many of us have been & continue to be exceptional @ whatever we aim to accomplish! Our case will be much stronger if we can continue to be healthy as we go into our golden years…Without unnecessary diabetes complications due to hypo-glycemic un-awareness & bouts with DKA. After 20 years of good control of my diabetes - I do not look forward to such unpleasant & life-threatening events. Plus - these possibilities add to everyone’s health costs.

I prefer to keep my diabetes well controlled so I can focus on life’s joys-namely family, friends & being active! I have now lived 51years with Type 1 & hope to make 75 years-

We will do all we can to help @georg!!!