CGM help!

     So I know there have been posts about this before but none of them seem I'm bringing it up again because I have a serious dillema! I am on a Deltec Cozmo pump and I have to switch soon, as my warranty is about up and they are going out of the diabetes industry. I used to have a Freestyle navigator CGM and loved it, but I have been off it since they stopped making more of them. Now I need a new pump while I'm at it I plan on getting a cgm too.

     The two options I have are the medtronic revel with their CGM, or the animas ping and the dexcom. At first I was set on the medtronic, but after a little research I have not heard good things about it. Of course I would love having the intergrated system, but if it hurts, bleeds, and is inaccurate then its not worth it to me. I have carried two devices before, I wouldn't mind doing it again if it gave me the results I wanted. Plus, I know that animas and dexcom plan to integrate in the near future.

      So I have to make the decision and I have to make it soon! Can anyone offer some feedback? Is there anyone who is on the medtronic who has had success with it? Because so far I have heard all negative and not much positive. Is there anyone who has experience with both medtronic and animas/dexcom?

Thanks for the help!