CGM Insurance

I’ve been trying for a month to get a Dexcom G5 CGM. My endo has sent in all the paperwork, etc, and the insurance company contacted me a few weeks ago asking for some more data, which I sent back instantly. I haven’t heard anything since then.
Is it normal for it to take this long? My doctor said I should have heard from them last week… I feel like I should call them, but we all know how long that can take, and I just haven’t had time. I’m beginning to worry that they might deny my request, in which case I would be unable to afford the CGM. Has anyone here had a similar experience? I have United Healthcare and they’re typically pretty good about covering these things, but I’m getting a little anxious.

Many persons have posted that there have been delays with the Dexcom G5, but many of those persons have been Medicare beneficiaries.
I’d recommend that you make two calls, one to your Dexcom representative who should be familiar with your situation, and the other call to United Health - the number on the obverse side of your card.

Good Luck.

hi @bookwormnerd13, it’s their job to challenge you. as absolutely stupid as this sounds… they might deny your first request because your control may “be too good”. the magic phrase that I had my endo use was “hypoglycemic unaware” even though it was an exaggeration… the philosophy: if I am unaware, and they denied a device that monitors continuously, and I subsequently fall down and hit my head, then I have a avenue to take the insurance co to court. did I say that out loud?

the best tactic with insurance is to never give up. appeal if necessary, there are probably other more severe tactics you could use if you need to. good luck.

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Oh nooo…Never trust United Healthcare!!! I have not received a new dexcom for 10 Months! They cannot afford to cover it. That is BS!