CGM itchy site

Has anyone had problems with their cgm site itching like crazy, so much that you had to change it out because you couldn't take it anymore? Today, I had to pull mine out, I was going insane. It felt like when you have a bad mosquito bite that you can't stop itching.

Hopefully, new site won't itch! UGH!

that would drive me crazy! my infusion site was itching once but luckily it went away!

Yup! I get that a lot. Try any itch stopping cream like benadryl, it works great for me ;-)

i don't have a cgm, but my sites always itch like crazy. my skin is really sensitive and blisters around the adhesive, then scars after i change the site. i'm awesome like that.

I have more "dry skin" itchies than anything else, if that is what you are talking about.  After I am done with a site, I put hand lotion on it and let the skin regenerate into healthy, soft skin.  I've never had to remove the CGM though due to itchies. 

Can you ask the company you use if they have a different adhesive. I'm more sensitive to some than others myself...