CGM Locations

This may be a slightly strange question, but where do you put your CGM? Usually, I wear it along my stomach or side along with infusion sets. Although, I'm considering putting it on the back of my arm (a location pointed out by my doctor) seeing as it pulls out constantly in the usual location. Has anyone worn theirs on the arm? Just looking for some feedback - not sure if I want to try it out yet or not.

Hmmm, interesting.  I've never considered the arm since even when on my stomach, I can sometimes see a bulge... so I assume the arm will be even more obvious.  If you do try it, let me know how it goes please :)

Up til now, I've always worn the sensor throughout my abdominal section and the sides and I have the pump sites on my upper thighs and my back.  It's worked out fine that way, but I guess the more areas you can insert, the better.

Good luck!!!

I use upper thigh/lower back/butt area but am feeling like I need to expand the real estate.  One thing that I'm always aware of is I was otld that it should be 3 inches away from the current pump site.  I have never done upper arm, but was/am strongly considering it until I told my endo who thought it might make for a strange sort of scarring/build up thing.  I do know a blooger named Keri who uses her upper arm and talks about it positively.  Her blog is sixuntilme and it's a great for all things diabetes.

I need a new spot to go to as well because having the sensors in my stomach isnt working out well for me they have been hurting a lot and bleeding. I tried using my arm once and i didnt mind it but i always forget to use it.

My daughter wears her sensor on her upper bottom.  That seems to work really well for her.  She also rotates with her stomach.    :-)

I've always put it on my stomach and on my side. My doc told me I could put it on my arm, but I've never tried it.

Just curious, does she insert the sensors herself or do you help her out?  I keep my sensor around my stomach, and I rotate on my back and thighs for the pump since it's so much easier to insert than the sensor... at least in my opinion!

Thanks, and take care!!!

Hello everyone!

I noticed your conversation about sensor sites, and thanks for the ideas. My daughter Kaity is going to start on the Dexcom CGM for the first time in a few days. Our question is related; where do you carry the receiver? Do you have ideas about useful straps and where to get them? Thanks in advance for your help!