CGM 'minimed' used longer then 10 days, normal? and above all good?


I'm new here and my first blog! Excited :D

My question does any one have experience with wearing a CGM from Minimed longer then 10 days cause I did it last weel and the results were great. Just haven't told my doctor... ;)

Are there people who do this more and have some good infromation about it, I mean from doctorsor educators...

Many people wear them longer than 7 days. I always go about 10 days. Sometimes they last until 20 days but not often. One person wrote that she wore one 38 days. You do have to un-tape it, don't wiggle the sensor, remove the transmitter, and recharge that. Then you say to the pump "start new sensor" and in two hours you give a calibration.

ok thanks for your comment!