CGM observations

First of all... CGM = coolest thing ever.  Today was my second day wearing it, and I've learned SO MUCH about my blood sugars just in these few hours.

Learning how to estimate whether "active insulin" is still bringing my blood sugar down or not has been tough.  But, I'm learning.  Anyone have any rule of thumb advice or any helpful hints?

One cool thing that I've notice is... when I give myeslf a huge bolus to bring myself down from a high blood sugar... the curve looks like this








80-                                _______________________________________ 



And, that's without even eating anything.  That must mean that my alpha cells (which secrete glucagon in order to release sugar from the liver) are still working pretty well.  I feel "low" while I'm in the 70-80 range, but I feel pretty lucky that my alpha cells are still working so well.  I've heard that some people ('brittle diabetics' as they call them... most frequently post-pancreatitis pancreas resection patients) don't have much alpha cell function and have a REALLY REALLY hard time managing their blood sugar levels.

I guess my moral is... having diabetes sucks... but, it always could be worse.  I feel pretty lucky to have my hands on such amazing technology, especially when 100 years ago this was a life-ending diagnosis.

Mad how are things going with the CGM now? You still enjoying all the fun it can offer you? The results are great though.