CGM problems

I have had so many problems with the minimed CGM.  My body seems to reject it after 3 days - can never get it to last 7 and then during that three days I get frequent lows that are inaccurate in the night so alarms buzzing for no reason! I am very athletic and wonder if all the highs and lows caused by exercise are part of my problem?  I am currently taking a vacation from the thing.I just test 10-12 times a day! Anyone else have these problems?

It is not you it is the way they are made. After 3 days it will always say sensor end. All you have to do is go to start new sensor and restart it. There will not be the 2 hour waite for your first calibration so it goes much faster. only a couple of minutes tops. Then after 7 days you will get a signal that says lost sensor. That is when you have to recharge the transmitter but you dont have to put in a new sensor but it will take 2 hours to do the warmup and calibration. I usually just put in a new one at this time.

I think the number 1 thing that people do wrong is to compare the CGMS to thier meter and over calibrate thier sensors.  Only enter a calibration for it when you know that your glucose has been steady for at least an hour. Remember that CGMS is not realtime glucose readings but rather about 20 minutes behind where it was.

I actually knew all that - by rejecting I mean coming out of my body and/or stops working well - gives me all these weird readings -

That was one of my biggest issues with the Medtronic Sensor. The  adhesive was horrible. I just taped it down three ways from Tuesday and hoped for the best. The Dexcom I can usually get 12 days before it really starts to peel, but I have been using a small bit of tape to hold it on longer. You way want to try that with the Medtronic as well. In the beginning lay a piece of water proof tape on the base to see if that helps.