CGM sensors are like superheroes, right?

Because they're invincible?

So, I'm an idiot.

I made it a special point to have my CGM sensors (I use the Dexcom) sent to my work instead of my house, since I was told repeatedly how they are temperature sensitive.  No problem, right?  They got delivered, I had them at my desk all day, then took them with me when I drove home.  No worries.  Let's fast-forward to 24 hours later, when I'm picking up my coat from the cleaners (damn you, road slush that flies onto my coat from passing cars).  I open the backseat car door to hang up my coat on the hook thing, and guess what I find?  My box of sensors.  Which had been sitting there.  Overnight.  In the 20 degree and below weather.


I'm kinda scared to use them, now, but I don't really have a choice.  They're too expensive to just say "Meh" and throw out.  I also can't order new ones yet, as insurance only covers one month at a time.

Has anyone else done this?  Did cold temperatures seem to affect readings, or did the sensors work at all?

Oh no!  I can totally see myself doing the same thing.

Only one way to find out if they still work...

Call Dexcom!  Maybe they'll swap out the box for you if it's the first time it's happened.  They'd probably rather you not use ineffective product anyway. :)