CGM Study

In a couple of weeks I'm going to be in this study involving wearing a CGM. Is there anything I should know about them before I start?

Which one will you be using, so we can give you some tips!

It's called the Medtronics Comfort Sensor. But it's failry new so I don't know if you will know that much about it.

If it's Minimed, I can say from experience with their current CGMS that CALIBRATING while you blood sugar is stable is VERY important!  That is the one thing about the current sensor that makes a world of difference when using.

The other thing with the current MM sensor it making sure the sensor is taped securely to your body.  You don't want it to move around.  personally I used a small piece of tape over the transmitter, then a large piece of Tegaderm, then I use Hypafix tape in a cross pattern to secure it tightly to me.  I can wear that taping pattern for 6-7 days with very little problem.  Some folks like the Opsite FlexiFit tape.........I personally don't care for that as it tends to 'shrink' when exposed to water!

Hope that helps.  And I hope you'll keep us up to date with this new sensor!!!!


Sorry I can't be of any help -- I have the dexcom. But, I like it. Hopefully yours will be helpful!

Thats ok. I've still got some time to do research.

I just started it today, and everything's been going great!

I have the minimed sensor and I have to agree that calibrating is the key. Remember to be patient with it, there is a learning curve. I see you have started, how is it going? Good luck!