CGM/Tech for T1D Children in Foster Care

Hi everyone!

I work within the foster care system in Wisconsin and have been struggling to figure out how to best support children/youth living with T1D in foster care. Often, one of the main reasons they are placed in to out-of-home care is poor diabetes management by their primary caregivers, and continue to struggle while in care.

As a T1D myself who switched over to the G6 about 6 months ago from Medtronic’s GCM, I know that this technology would positively impact their lives, as it has mine. Currently, we’re struggling to get T1D technology coverage for any child under our Medicaid system (all foster children are automatically enrolled) and cannot find anyone to discuss with.

Has anyone had any luck getting coverage for any sort of CGM for children on state-funded insurance in any state, or Wisconsin specifically?

Any help that anyone is able to provide would be so appreciated!!!

Hi @Jill_Collins88 you could try JDRF advocacy group the contact number is at the bottom here

Good luck