CGM/The Guardian

i was wondering about the CGM and the pump that has a CGM in it i think it's called the Guardian. I was just wondering about them and it would be AWESOME if I could get some feedback about how they work in daily life and how you guys like them. I reaaly appreciate any responses =D

hi Sofia,

the guardian is a stand-alone CGM reciever.  It's made by minimed for people who want a CGM without a pump.  the guardian actually looks like a pump too.

Minimed paradigm pumps have an integrated CGM, whic means it's a pump, and it aslo comes with a built-in CGM reciever. 

the guardian is here

the paradigm pumps with built-in CGM reciever is here

hope this helps!

The new MM paradigm revel has new software that make it easy to calibrate and much more accurate. It also has predictive high and low alarms that are adjustable. I have used the Navigator and MM Revel side by side and is some ways the new revel (paradigm pump (723/523) and the CGM) out does the Navigator in many ways. 

If you have feedback from people who have used the Paradigm only and not the Paradigm Revel, they my talk differently about the performance. With the Revel it is like a whole new product. 

No CGM will replace BG meter readings, but the similarity is uncanny if you take into account the delay in the interstitial glucose reading verses the blood glucose reading...about a 17 min delay.

I just received my second insulin pump.  It is the medtronic revel and I got the CGM with it.  I am using the pump but not the CGM yet as I have not been "trained" for it yet.  I am excited as the feature I want it for is the warnings of low bg's.  Hopefully next week I will be trained.  So far the pump works well.  Yesterday I hooked the pump up to their "Carelink" website.  It charts about everything possible.  It seems pretty cool.  I can't wait to ad the CGM feature.  The entire system seems pretty sweet!  

I have used the Dexcom CGM for almost 5 months. I am very pleased with it. Two pump companies (Animas and Omnipod) must be very impressed with Dexcom because they are both going to integrate their pumps with Dexcom. That was initially scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. It is great to be able to get a number any time I want without having to do a finger stick. I realize the numbers will differ from the meter numbers, but they are very close the majority of the time. I learned a lot about how to have my Dexcom perform better on another D site, in their Dexcom Users Group. There are more than 300 members of that group and there are many great hints that are not in the Dexcom manual. I love my Dexcom! 

wow! you guys have been REALLY helpful!!! and especially joe with his links!! i already at this point have a guardian (which i now know is the CGM without a pump... right?) or something of the sort ordered, but it will be about 2 months until i get it because i have never had one before and paperwork and such. but thanks a lot you guys!!! it really helped!!