CGM with medtronic minimed pump?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this site but so far looks like a lot of helpful info! I have had a Minimed pump for about 2.5 years and am considering adding the CGM. I have used one before when I did some research studies with my endo, but it didn't send any info to my pump. Does anyone with a minimed have the CGM as well? Do you think it really makes a difference in your bg control?

I was tempted to get it when I got my latest version of the minimed pump, but then I thought that I would become more reliant on the CGM and start giving myself excuses to skip regular blood tests lol. As nice as it seems I'm definitely not ready to take that step, and not to fond of having another hole to poke in my body. However I've heard it works fantastic for some people, and they really like it! More props to them :)

We have purchased it and are waiting on training on it. But I must admit we have pushed the issue too much. I think that's because we aren't really sure ourselves how we feel about it.

It's a huge help.  It takes a few weeks (they say 3 sensors) to start being consistent in the readings and know your body, but once it does it's totally worth it.  No question.

Yeah, I hate how everything is so expensive though. Even when insurance is supposed to take care of things, there always seems like there is something that doesn't work out quite right, and then you have to call, be on hold forever.... well I'm sure you know! If I could take it for a trial run, that would be pretty cool. But personally I would hate to do it, and then discover that its not for me. I would feel like I wasted a lot of time and resources. I wish you the best of luck :)

I have the minimed CGM and it makes a HUGE difference. It's not comfortable or pretty to wear, but it's worth it. I feel like I take so much better care of myself when I'm wearing the sensor and it makes me really aware of where my blood sugars are. The minimed cgm is nice that its incorporated in the pump. You don't have one more thing to carry with you.

I don't qualify as a pump user, but started on cgm in May of this year with the Dexcom. It is wonderful to see how food, exercise and insulin work on your glucose levels on a real-time basis and I would strongly advise at least doing a trial (especially if you can do it for low or no cost) with medtronic if you can tolerate a second site. I've resisted getting a pump my entire life, because I didn't want to be permanently attached to anything and have good control without the pump. But knowing where your sugar level is and where it is going is such powerful information that I finally succumbed to having a testing site in constantly and would not now give it up. The Dexcom is great, heard less glowing news on the minimed, but I'd guess that it is still better than not monitoring. Good luck with your decision!

I have the CGM, but I hardly ever wear it (maybe once a month). I just think it's really uncomfortable, especially with some of the activities I have to do for track practice.