CGM's and airport security

Hello Everyone,

I will be flying on Saturday, and was wondering about going through airport security with my CGM.  Has anyone had any issues?  I would love to hear your experiences.  I am flying from Newark, NJ to Palm Beach, FL (if that matters).


Rose, the TSA has recently updated rules for those of us with this issue.  Hopefully, something is in there:

I don't wear the CGM anymore (that's another story), but when I go through with my pump, I just point at it and say "I'm wearing an insulin pump".  Never had a problem, though they always want to check it closely.  Good luck with your trip... I'm flying next week, and I'm hoping everything will be smooth through the security line!

I fly often  with MM pump and sensor.  I was told not to say I have a pump, because then they have to "check" it. I wear it and if they ask I tell them. I am sure they see it in all cases. It always goes fast. I have never had a problem. I have been to China,  Israel,  Jordan, Ukraine etc. without a problem.