CGMs In Canada?

Does anyone on here from Canada have a CGM? I'm trying to find out which ones are available in Canada and so far google search has only come up with Medtronic. Is that it? I saw posts from other diabetic forums about Dexcom becoming available in Canada soon..but they were all posted 2008 and since it's 2010 I'm going to assume that's not going to happen??

I too have only found medtronic CGMs available in Canada. sigh.

it would be nice if we had a few more options eh? i'm thinking of the cgm and i dont see anything really wrong with the metronic(have never used their products before though) but i'd still like at least two choices!

even better it would be nice if they let you know the cost of their CGM! blah!

I KNOW RIGHT!! ahah.  Sometimes I find medtronic a lil hard to deal with cuz it seems like they only want to give me info once im committed to buying something. But I am new to dealing with them and the whole pump thing so hopefully things will start going a little smoother.

 I think  the cgm itself is around the 300-400 dollar range but I could be wrong and then the sensors are 50 bucks a piecee after that.

My husband is currently trying to get me on a CGM but my doctor and myself are both hesitant cuz I have pretty good control at the moment, and I am not such a fan of having something else poking in my side. 

i finally found the page that gives the price, it's a quote printout you have to send when you apply for insurance coverage(if it's not covered already).

the machine is $700 and a package of 4 sensors is $190!


I didn't like the pump cuz it was attached 24/7, but it was the tubing that caused most of the problems. i dont think it'll be as bad since it's wireless.