Hi everyone!

I'm currently on an insulin pump and am able to control my levels fairly well. I have recently become interested in getting a CGM to better control my highs and lows. I want to get my blood sugar as tight as possible because in the next couple of years I would like to start a family. Does anyone have any tips for getting a CGM? Do most insurance companies cover it? Do they cover the cost of the sensors? I would love any info about CGMs you could give me. Thanks!

CGMs are pretty standard these days.  As far as I know, most insurance companies will cover a CGM and supplies, though it may take paperwork and special letters from your doctor.

I tried them and wasn't a fan... they just aren't accurate enough and I have a tough enough time finding enough infusion sites for my pump.  But lots of people love them.  You should try it and see what you think.  At the very least try one and fast to check your basal rate settings.

Regarding family planning, my A1c was a 7.0 with the pump before I had a surprise pregnancy.  I immediately got my blood sugar in tight range and my A1c dropped to a 5.1 with no severe lows.  Having a "baby on board" is incredible motivation to have tight control.  In the years since my son was born, I've settled around 6.5 - 6.7 A1c with few lows and am fine there.  It's not super tight control, but it works for me in real life.  My son was born with a normal blodd sugar, is not diabetic, and I have no diabetes related complications thanks to my pump and Lisinopril.

My five year old son just started using the Medtronic Enlite CGM. We are on our second sensor. The first one was difficult...not very accurate, and the transmitter ended up not working after a few days and we needed to get it replaced. I spent a ton of time on the phone with the help line getting tips on how to make this thing work better. I've learned a lot about my son's patterns. So far (this is week 2) I'm liking having it. Good luck!