I talked to minemed today about getting a CGMS and they said to talk to my insurance compay. Which my case is different because my employer pays for my insulin pump supplies and not an insurance company, which can be good and bad. I work for Quiktrip, a company that takes good care of it's employees so I have high hopes going into this phone call that I was about to make. I call them and explain that the FDA has approved this and yes it is new but in the long run is better for me. So, I ask if they will cover it and they said...................... Yes they will cover it. No, fighting on their part or anything just a simple yes. Now, I have to wait three months for my warranty to expire on my current pump before I can get this. I am excited.




Congratulations Josh! Best of luck to you!


So called around and talked my insurance company some more and I will be getting my pump this coming week! I'm excited to get on this new treatment!

Wow.  I need to get a job at QT.

Good company to work for but it's alot harder than people think.

I am awaiting the arrival of my second box from minimed...... I am going on friday to get everything set up so I should be on the CGMS by this weekend!

that is awesome josh!

hey Josh,  good luck.  and what a coincidence, mine was approved 2 weeks ago and arrived LAST week and I have been running it for the last 6 days.  There are tips and tricks with calibrating the MM.  I aslo used the advice I read on other forum discussions regarding fooling the 3 day senser timer and transmitter, etc.  If you want to hear 'em let me know.

ps mine was approved no questions asked. I got it for a single prescription copay.   I think it's a sign of things to come.

I find more and more people not having to fight their insurance companies to get CGM approval. If you guys have any questions about the Minimed CGM I wear one I would be happy to answer anything you want to know!

I started on the CGM about 2 weeks ago.  I would love some tips because I am having some issues.  I tried to run it for more than 3 days and it "flat lined" on me.  Also, how accurate is yours?  Mine is so variable.

[quote user="Sugar Lady"]

I started on the CGM about 2 weeks ago.  I would love some tips because I am having some issues.  I tried to run it for more than 3 days and it "flat lined" on me.  Also, how accurate is yours?  Mine is so variable.


the most useful advice I read was regarding calibrations.  I like to start a sensor on a saturday morning, I get up just a little early and test and see if my suagr is at least okay.  I insert a new sensor.  "at least 45 degrees" is important. finding a spot where it wont get banged too much and has enough fat is the hardest part.  I let the sensor sit for about 5-15 minutes and then start the transmitter.  I "start a new sensor" right after that, though you can wait for a while and nothing happens.

I test a few times in the next 2 hours to makes sure my sugar is stable.  then it beeps and I do the initial calibration and it's ready to go.

I don't calibrate except for before dinner and before breakfast. for me my sugar can be swinging at other times so I try not to "update the sensor" unless I am sure my sugar hasn't moved in 1/2 hour.  if you calibrate while your sugar is moving the sensor is useless. if you accidentally calibrate while your sugar is moving just re-calibrate the sensor to whatever it was reading last.  if you re-calibrate within 5 minutes it takes the LAST calibration. 

at 3 days I "start a new sensor" in the morning, it beeps right away for an update and you get the next 3 days out of it.  Minimed automaticcly fails the sensor at day 3 - I don't know what you mean by flat lined. 

if it lasts to 6 I recharge the transmitter and either start a new sensor or reconnect an old sensor, depending on how much time is left.  if I make it to 9 days I am pretty happy.  after that it's a crap shoot - I ususally start to get calibration errors and by then it's pretty done in me.

After getting all setup to battle my insurance company about the sensor and getting it covered by them, things have been going through without a hitch. I had to pay for the sensor order I did back in January, but since that point the other two boxes have gone though w/o a hitch. I am still waiting to see if something comes back, but why argue and cause trouble if things are going so quietly. (Knock on Wood)

But the sensor is really huge and truly makes a difference. While my a1c has always been relatively normal, 6.5 - 7.1 range the sensor combined with my pump allowed me to get my a1c down to 5.4. I was really wowed by that. According to my doctor that puts my sugar average at 108 I think she said. It is still work though and needs to be handled well and the realization that the CGMS is not perfect, but is getting there helps.

I've been on the CGM since Dec 08 and I love it.!!!   It is tricky sometimes but worth it.  My #'s are down since then already.  But I have had issues with lost sensor after starting a new one, and calibration errors in the beginning.  I spoke to MM a few times(maybe 2-3) with the sensor and have never called them before for pump issues and have been on 3 of their pumps altogether (many years). Call them and take notes with any issues you have regarding errors. I learned so much more from MM than the trainer that didn't know much. ( I think I was her 1st sensor patient).Then work the notes to your best use. Call them back again if necc.  They are avail. all the time apparently.