I was at the endocrhonologist and they asked if i wanted to try using a CGM so I said sure, When I was using it, it gave us alot of info on my sugar numbers during the night. (i'm out of the honeymoon phase so I don't check at night) I took a shower to see what it would be like in the water and it did feel weird but I got over it, some water got in that's why. I got some irritation and when I went back they asked if I wanted it my parens said that it was too expensive so I'm not getting it now but mabye later.

I have severe hypoglycemic unawareness. I have tested two GCMs and they both worked reasonably well. I'm not sure if it work great, but I would say it prevented most of my lows. I am fighting with my insurance company to approve my GCM because my parents and I can't afford it either. They are sooo expensive! We are currently in the appeals process. Do you have health insurance? If so, ask your doctor to help you start an appeals process for the CGM.

Well it's not just that it's expensive, some of it is that the irritation made my stomach red and it felt wierd with the water so I don't think we're getting it...

I would love to get a CGM. It's a great idea.  But, not in the present form factor.  When they get smaller and more accurate I'll be interested.  I'll be interested when it can be a replacement for a finger stick blood tester.  I could probably deal with a small sensor beaming results to a cell phone or wrist watch or something.  Or, a pump with only one infustion or whatever.  One prick would do both.  I could maybe go for that.  Or how about something implanted surgically?  Like a pacemaker or something.  Nah, that won't happen because then they can't make money selling supplies.

I know many on here swear by theirs and good for them.  But this is my opinion, it's not ready for prime time yet.  At least for me.  I work with computers and know that they release stuff that they know isn't ready for prime time because they can and start re couping some of their investment and to figure out how to perfect it.  This is where CGMS are now I think.