Change is good


First time poster here, but I think it's about time I look to the people who know the most about diabetes for some advice (that is, those who are living with it!).  I've had type 1 for almost 20 years (since age 7) and my A1c has been creeping up and up over the years.  For the first decade, I was never above 6.5.  Yesterday I got the latest result, 9.7!  Time to do something about this.

I've noticed that whenever I change my insulin regime (e.g., from N to Lantus to a pump), I have really great results for a month or two before things start to fall apart again.  I used to think this was because I just got complacent and didn't pay as much attention once I settled into my schedule, but I think there may be something more to it.  I'm currently on the MiniMed VEO with CGM (which I can't afford), but I'm thinking of going back on Lantus for a month or two just to see. 

Has anyone else found that switching it up every now and then from long-acting to pumping (or vise versa) helps keep them in control?

If anyone has any other suggestions for getting that A1c down, let me know!



Hey Steph,  

I too have lived with T1D for a long time( 34 yrs)  and although I am in the same boat as you as far as not being able to afford the sensors for the CGM ( which is ridiculous)  but I have been on the Revel pump since October 2010 and the Guardian CGMS since July.  My A1C was 13.1 when I started 2 yrs ago and is now down to 6.8.   truly feel that this is due to the pump.  I am not super vigilent about my diet or my carb counting stuff and can have BS ranges any where from 40 to 400 on any given day.  Dont give up!!!  Have you worked with the nutrionalists or the Diabetes Educators.  They can help.  I went back to Joslin 2 yrs ago (mainly because I was dying) and they and their team of experts have really turned me around.  I still need jto work more on it, but getting there.  Good Luck and hope things get better for you!!

Steph, I'm not the kind of person who likes to switch things up a lot.  But I can tell you that in the two years that I've been pumping, I've found myself reconfiguring my basal rates every so often, based on what I'm seeing in testing.  You might want to try testing a lot for a couple of days... see how your highs and lows really are all day... then adjust your basal rates accordingly.  It's been a big help to me more than once.

Other than that, good luck!

I was on a minimed 505 then a 508 paradigm starting in 2001. I decided in 2011 that the pump was too high maintenance and my supplies from CCS medical were much too expensive so I swtiched back to injecting, "Levamir and Novolog" my A1c's vary anywhere from 7.0 to 9.2. I have had type 1 for 29 years now. The most important thing I did was stop drinking, as of Feb 22nd 2012 I have two years clean and sober. It really doesn't matter how a person stops drinking as long as they do it. Alcohol and type 1 diabetes do not mix. My Endo is so happy that I stopped drinking although I still struggle with my BG's. I also have learned from what I have heard here that things could be alot worse, I am actually lucky that my liver, kidneys, eyes, circulation and feet are all in good shape. Gratitude and my Sprituality have made me see that I am one lucky person, "Hang in Their".

I could have not put it better myself!

Dawn - it is amazing what we can endure with diabetes, I am glad you are improving with your treatment help now. I found similar situation with my diabetes and moved closer to friends and family that could help me with either dying or living, you know, and as it turns out seems I get healthier... lol  That's how it is working for me too. :)

I'm a fairly flakey person who likes variety, but have to admit that I get great results with a pump, which I've used for almost a decade (have had D 34 years). A1c while pumping has been 6.5 - 6.9, except when I was pregnant and had better control.  

You might just be putting more attention and time into your diabetes when you first switch to a new insulin regime.  Kind of like how you wash your car and drive more carefully when it's new.  It's human nature to slack off when you get a little more settled.  

Find what works for you.  If switching back and forth is helping you, why not do it?

Friends with Bill W? It saved my life Jon. Congrats!

We’ll it’s me again Jon98188 been off type1 nation for almost 5 years. Same old stuff **s sucks. Got back on a Revel pump. I had a stroke after 35 years type 1. "not bad, can walk, can’t talk or write. Oh well, big deal. No lows at least only highs and a mountain of paperwork “where is my secretary”