Change of heart

Ever have times when you’re about to take a shot than all of sudden you get this feeling of not wanting to do it and start thinking negative about being Diabetic? …Like for me, just yesterday I was getting ready to take a shot than I start thinking… “Why do I have to live with this”… “How long will I be able to handle”… Because of my Depression it was hard for me to get my mind off of it. I just have so many questions but no answers.

I have those same exact feelings, a lot more recently. My battle with depression has been so hard and it feels like I’m stuck in a constant negative spiral. I think the worst part is knowing that everyone around you is free to go about their life with no worries and a carefree, unplanned future ahead of them and every stepped we take has to be planned out carefully because our life depends on it. But with all of this anxiety comes some strength. I’ve found that thinking of the people that love me helps me a lot. When I ask “Why am I doing this? Why does it even matter?”, I say to myself, “Because they need you around. Somebody needs you.” So even though fighting is so hard and you’re really tired, someone needs you to keep doing it. Who knows what your future holds because you’re strong enough to keep going. I hope this helps a little and I hope that you’re doing okay today! I hope to talk to you some more around here!

very thoughtful discussion…and very real. I believe that it is true that knowing “someone needs You” makes a big difference in simply carrying on and going forward with the demands of each and every day. I want to say that “someone” can also be a friend, family member, social contact of any type, a church, a volunteer group, a cat, dog;…anything that gets one out of oneself and integrated into other people or groups. T1DM can most certainly make anyone wonder Why? On the other hand, with a little help, we here in the US have more options for care (real Care) and treatment than most others in this world. So, carry on. Stay connected and in touch in whatever ways work for you.


“Why do I have to live with this”… “How long will I be able to handle”…

Sooooo, recently diagnosed then?

Sometimes you just have to think about why you were put on this earth in the first place. If you stop taking care of yourself somebody is going to be really sad that you Don’t care anymore. The only person you hurt by not doing the right things, is you. You will only make it harder on yourself. Everyday I count my lucky stars that I don’t have a disease WAYYYY worse than T1D. There is people out there fighting for their life every minute of their lives. So every night before you go to bed count how many things your grateful for. Hey at least T1D isn’t unmanageable, you can still live, just with a few alterations. And having diabetes has sure made me a stronger person. People at school are always crying when they have to get shots and the I look at them like “who the heck do you think your talking to I bet you couldn’t walk in my shoes for a day”, and it’s probably true.
Best Wishes,