Changes in car sickness/heat tolerance?

Has anyone else noticed a change in their child's tolerance to rides or heat? My son was diagnosed 1-1/2 years ago. He takes Lantus and Humalog. Before diagnosis he had absolutely no problems—neither the 8 hr road trip to Disney World or walking around the park in Florida heat in June seemed to bother him, much less any of the rides at the park (except roller coasters, those were always a no-go). Ever since his diagnosis it seems even a 20 minute trip to the grocery store can be an adventure at times. And he is ALWAYS hot now. He's constantly getting in the car from school wanting me to crank up the A/C while his sister gets in the car wearing a hoodie. Theme parks? Forget it! The rides he LOVED before DX he doesn't seem to even be able to tolerate now.

So I'm just this common after diagnosis, or is it related to his medications somehow?

Hi Mrs. Smith,

I can only speak for myself as my son has not had these issues but I once spoke to my endocrinologist and was told when you have a chronic illness you can have these issues especially intolerance to heat and humidity (hence when there is a humidity warning and they say people with chronic issues one population is diabetics)  

I have not been able to tolerate heat or humidity since becoming Type 1 diabetic and told this is normal.

Are his sugars in a good range?  

Good luck!

POSE SCRIPT...If you go to Disney again, please be sure to ask for a "Guest Assistance" pass at guest relations.  THis will help avoid the long waits in line and may help with him in the heat by avoiding wait in the long lines in the sun.  

At the times we went his numbers were very good. He was even taken completely off his lunch dose during our vacation last year (although we did have to fight him a bit when we insisted he take insulin if he were eating high-fat/carb foods at a restaurant).  

None of us can really tolerate humidity. But then again, we're in Alabama and it's ALL humidity ALL the time. I know there's nothing that can be done about the heat intolerance, but is there anything to help with the car sickness? Dramamine is obviously out of the question.

Not sure about the car sickness, but the heat intolerance makes me wonder about his thyroid.  Thyroid issues are also autoimmune and when a person has one autoimmune they are more likely to have another.

A lot of times when a person has diabetes we blame everything on the disease... sometimes our ailments are diabetes related and sometimes they're not.  What your son is experiencing might just be a random thing.

Hi mrs. Smith,

There are many articles about diabetes and heat intolerance you may find interesting...

As far as car sickness, try some natural products such as natural gravel and ask his doctor what else he can take.


Thanks Jodi, I'll definitely look at those blogs. He goes to his endo for his checkup tomorrow so hopefully I'll remember to ask her about car sickness. (I should since the 2 hr car ride will definitely not be fun.)

No, I don't tend to blame everything on the disease but I know the difference between how his body acted just a few weeks prior to dx and directly afterwards. His endo checks his thyroid, A1C, and an intolerance for gluten every couple of months so I know there's nothing wrong there.

Ironically he is currently in his 18th month of honeymooning. Quite unusual according to her, but there nonetheless. His insulin needs are gradually increasing but, according to her, he is still only taking 1/3 of what most of her other patients are. I don't know what numbers she's basing it on, so I'll have to take her word on that.

That's wonderful that your son's honeymoon is extended.  Keep doing whatever you're doing!

I've had another thought about your son's issues and wonder if they're more age related.  Testosterone and metabolism have big effects on body temperature.  That's one of the reasons why men typically have a higher tolerance to cold and a lower tolerance to heat.  I've seen it in my own 7-year-old son.  In the last year or so he doesn't need a coat unless it's extremely cold.  Something shifted in him physiologically and made him more tolerant of the cold.  Supports my husbands theory that most women marry their husbands because of the man's body heat.  =)

Age could also explain the car sickness.  I started taking insulin at age 4 and took road trips almost every weekend of my childhood.  Didn't develop motion sickness until I was about 8 and it lasted through my teens.  My son is following in my footsteps... he's not diabetic but has just recently started experiencing motion sickness for the first time.  

The links Jodi posted had good information but I didn't see anything that addressed your specific issues.  I doubt your son is unable to regulate body temperature because of neuropathy.  That's more of an "old man" diabetes issue.

Take care. -Jenna