Changing insulin

I've been on my pump for 6+ years and I have always used Humalog, however my insurance benefits are changing soon and it would be significantly cheaper to switch to Novolog.  I'm going to talk to my doctor about changing (I'll need him to write the RX anyways), but I wanted some feedback.

Has anyone here ever switched between the two?  Humalog to Novolog?  or Novolog to Humalog?  I know it's basically just a brand change, but I know that can make a big difference with some medications.  Any feedback you can give me would be wonderful!

for me, switching would be easy because the bothe work exactly the same.... for me =)

Ask your endo for "samples" and try it.  test your carb ratios and look for trends that would suggest it acts faster or slower than Humalog, or acts longer or shorter than humalog and if you do find any differences.... then adjust your pump settings.  Good luck.