Changing pod sites

Hi all.

I have an Omnipod… been on it since 2013. I usually use the back of my arms as my pod site, but I decided to change it up because I felt like the insulin wasn’t absorbing as well because of possible scar tissue build up on my arms.
Today I tried my belly. The darn thing fell right out when I lifted up my arms to put my shirt on.
I am very frustrated because I just wasted a pod and insulin.
My questions are:
Where on your body do you put your pod where it stays on and is semi comfortable?
Do you change sites often? Do you feel as if this helps with insulin absorption?

I am thin so it’s hard for me to find a spot for the pod to “grab on to.”

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @stephakitten . I don’t use pods but there are tapes you can buy to help hold them in place. I use Simpatches for by Dexcom and they’re terrific. Simpatch makes products designed specifically to fit different devices, and they come with or without straps. I get mine from Amazon.

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My favorite sites are my belly(I have more meat there than elsewhere) love handles on the back, and I’ve had luck with the side of my thighs. When doing back at least in my experience choose a site that has some meat otherwise the pod will defect. I’m average weight so hopefully this helps! I’m trying to find more sites than my stomach. It’s been my go to for far too long and now I’m noticing some patches of scar tissues even with rotating!

usually the lower abdomen is best to put on. but you can also your your upper buttox or even your thigh.