Changing Pumps

i considering changing pumps. i have minimed. if you have a pump tell me about it!


im on omnipod too

I am also considering changing pumps from minimed to animas.  After being told a crack in the case was my fault (they gave me a new one after scaring me), and having some of my infusion sets recalled, plus I am tired of being paranoid about getting the minimed wet.  Animas seems tailored to more active people.  Any one have one?

I would consider omnipod I've been on it for a year and its GREAT!!!

I switched from a minimed to an animas. in 6 years, i had 4 or 5 minimeds break on me, each new one lasting on average around 15 months. i love my animas!

I have a OneTouch Ping, great if you love going to the beach and swimming, also great if you are a female who likes to wear dresses because of the remote!

I love my ping. But i think i would love my minimed pump if i had chosen to go with minimed, too.


a couple of things that aren't perfect:

there is no back button on the pump, so you have to scroll to the bottom of every menu and go back. it's mildly annoying. 

there are no presets for combo boluses, so you can't have, for instance, a "pizza" bolus. 


that's all i got. I really love it, and it would take a lot to make me switch from Animas.

Well after looking into the Omnipod, I am pursuing that one instead!  Tubeless, and no majorly expensive components to break suits me well.  Thanks for input!