Charging robot parts!

I'm going to spain on Tuesday (AHH!) for three weeks, and I just realized we might be camping, which would mean no outlets to charge my dexcom. It's a rock climbing trip, and I know the food and different exercise are going to screw up my levels, so I really don't want to go dex-less. Any suggestions for ways to charge it? 

if you will be renting a car or riding in a car, some of the newer models have outlets in them so you could charge for a bit while you're in one. will you be camping the entire 3 weeks? if you aren't, you could make random pit stops at coffee shops or hotel lobbies or libraries and take advantage of available outlets there. 

good luck! definitely sounds like fun :o) have a good time and let us know how awesome it was when you get back!

Good ideas, C - and remember to bring an outlet converter, ajax!  (And have fun!!)

Whoa, that sounds like so much fun!  I'm sure you'll have an amazing time! :)

Is there such a thing as a portable charger?  Someone has to have invented that...

Also, how long does the Dexcom last between charges?  I'm a very ignorant non-cgm person.