Chart Applications or Sites?

I really want to be able to graph my BG results, but can't figure out how to do it. I've found sites that let you make graphs, but none that allow a time axis. I think i could probably use the open-office equivalent of excel, but i don't know exactly how. Does anyone know any applications or websites that help you make graphs of BG readings over the course of a day?

Ajax - what type of meter do you use?  Usually the brand will have a free program to download.

I use a one touch ultra 2. I have't found anything, but haven't looked that hard.

Hey Ajax - you can also try the Lifescan software that comes from Johnson & Johnson who make the meter.  Here is the link for you...   good luck.

Gina - I tried Sugar Stats, and it's better than nothing, but the graph puts all of the data the same distance apart - not on a timeline.


Doug - The lifescan software is good to know about. I have a mac, so I can't use it right now, but it's great to know it exists. Thanks!

Ah - I wasn't aware of that - pretty surprising in this day and age!  Just b/c my business was slow - I gave a call to lifescan for you just to make sure they didn't have some sort of application.  They are working on one for the Mac but he did not have a time frame for me - sorry.  Hopefully when you get on a pump in Sept you will have an application that way.  I know with my MiniMed Paradigm, I am able to download all my pump info as well as my my meter info.    If I see anything else out there, I'll let you know

I just got the Lifescan software and it's ok, nothing great.  30 bucks -- on

Hi ajax,

  Since you use open office you might like this.I like open source and I found a program called GGC - GNU Gluco Control just started to use it can read most meters if you have a usb or ir reader and it has all the graphs you can use. You can also enter BS manually. I think I found it on (lots of freeware) Hope this helps.

Hi agian,

   Since you have a mac have you thought about virtaul software this will let you run pc software on your mac. I think vmware has a free version limited use but should work for what you want. Good Luck

If you don't mind entering it manually and you have an iPhone, Glucose Buddy is a good app.  I track my BG and I think you can track food and other things and export them to your computer, or email them to your doctor.