Cheap ways to obtain lantus 10ml vials due to loss of insurance

Hi my fiancé has had t1 diabetes since she was a young kid. Recently she got a promotion due to her hard work and dedication paying off. But unfortunately this lead to her Medicaid which paid for her lantus and novlog to be cut off. Now even with most discounts I can find a 10ml goal of lantus is still around 200 dollars way more than we can afford considering she still needs the fast acting novolog. Please I would take any suggestion as to how to obtain the insulin she needs without going homeless.

@Dill92 hi Dillion, canada has the cheapest “cash” insulin. you can do a google search.

sometimes Liliy or Novartis may offer help, contact them directly.

Leverage that promotion into finding out about employer based pharmacy insurance. That’s how I do it.

good luck

There is a website/app called Goodrx. Based on your area, and details about the medication you provide, it gives you prices at various pharmacies in your area. Cost difference can be surprising - I plugged in one of mine (not an insulin) and the same quantity and dosage ranged from $4.00 to nearly $20.00.