Check out the groups!

I know that posting into the forums section is nice but you should check out groups too.  It's a great way to narrow the spectrum of responses that you might get and communicate with people who share common interests, hobbies, or characteristics.  Anyone in college should definitely check out the college life group.  You'l find me there.  I know college can be a particularly tough time and it's a great shared experience that we can relate with.  Check out and find the groups that relate to or interest you!!!

Hi Matt,in site help-in groups,could you answer my 2 questions-thanks...

Actually, I don't think there is.  I'm pretty sure your homepage only displays the feeds from the latest threads in forums, and I was actually just thinking about that today, and was planning to ask someone and see if there are any other options.  Obviously you know that it shows the latest threads in the actually group itself but it would be helpful if there was a feed of threads related to your joined groups.

I have to agree with you Matt! I think the groups need some more loving! lol

It's definitely a good way to get focuses answers to a specific question or discussion.... it's all about staying on topic people! :)

Oh we all love the entire site. The forums are just easier to get to sometimes, but you are right, especially when it comes to meeting new people, focusing on exercise, pump questions, CGMS questions and the like. You can find greater help and answers in the various groups.

I've never had many responses to my posts in groups, only in the forums, so it gets frustrating to use them. Do you think there are too many, so people can't check them all? Ideas to make them more user-friendly we could pass on to Gina?

Hey everyone we are working on making the groups section more user-friendly so stay tuned! The way it is setup now is so that you can find specific topics you are interested in that are separate from the open forum. It is more confined section. In the forums everything sort of gets all jumbled together and can be very difficult to find topics that interest you.

I do agree with the rest of the people in this topic that the group section needs more love!



The jumble can be fun at times though. I mean you never know what you will find in here.

Could someone put a cute pic-on the recipe swap in groups? Thanks for the groups,am always going through them !