Checking Blood Sugar

I have had Diabetes for 5 years and I have always been really good at staying on top of it and keeping it under control. But lately I haven't been checking my sugars like I should be. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get back on track with checking my sugar?

Set reminders. On my pump settings I have a two hour reminder after every time I eat. There for I am holding myself accountable for checking my blood sugar be appropriate amount of times per day.

I wasn't inspired to test when the information wasn't used for anything.  

Do you use a pump?  Do you adjust your insulin to your carbs and blood sugar?  If so then your tests will help you stay in good range and have energy and feel good.  

I'm also a fan of having a meter you like.  Some of them are like dinosaurs and don't inspire testing.

What issues specifically are you struggling with?