Checking In!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing! I have been pretty MIA from the group because things have been crazy around here! Hope everyone is feeling good!

So I had my anatomy scan on Thursday and it’s a boy! I’m totally in shock because I really thought it was a girl, and for some reason, only ever imagined myself with a girl. So much for my maternal instinct haha. Everything looked good at the scan thank goodness, and I’m having my Fetal Echocardiogram on Thursday morning. The doctor who looked at the anatomy scan said everything was great, and if I wasn’t T1, I wouldn’t be getting the extra test, but better safe than sorry. Everytime I have to go in for another test, I get so scared they are going to find something. Pregnancy is so stressful!

I am having another a1c done next week and I’m hoping to be in the 5s, but you can only do so much I know!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer! Can’t wait to hear updates for everyone over the next few months!


So funny, I was soooo convinced I was having a girl too. Every woman clear back to my great great gma and possibly farther had a girl for their first born, but they also all had them at age 20 and I'm 24 haha. I know the male's chromosome decides the sex, but I was so sure... but It's a boy! haha. I was TERRIFIED for my anatomy scan and get so excited and scared for every u/s that I can barely stand it but so far everything is looking great :) good luck!

how many weeks do you have to be to have the anatomy scan?

I think they usually do it around 20 weeks, but they told me to wait until 21 weeks so they could get better, more clear pictures of the heart. It's the longest, most detailed ultrasound I've had. They take measurements of the baby's limbs and take detailed pictures of the brain, heart and other organs. I think they can guess the gender earlier, but my doc wouldn't take a guess. At 20+ weeks, if the baby cooperates, you can get usually get a pretty clear view of the gender!

Is anyone else being sent for a fetal echocardiogram? Mine is scheduled for Thurs (I'll be 22 weeks) The ultrasound tech told me that if I wasn't T1, they wouldn't be sending me for one because the baby's heart looked good, but because one of the complications of T1 pregnancies are heart defects, they want to be extra careful!

Hope you guys are doing well!


I'll be 24 weeks on Friday. I'm having a little girl (so says my last 2 ultrasounds, I should have it confirmed again July 29th). I had my anatomy scan also and my doctor thinks everything looks wonderful and at this point no birth defects are detected, whew! Best of luck to us ALL!

just had my echocardiogram yesterday :) And everything looked great! One of the ONLY good things about being a pregnant T1 is all the extra ultrasounds :D