Chicago, Il Suburb Diabetes Camps


I am looking for a good diabetes camp to send my 10 year old son to this Summer.  Any suggestions?




I don't have any input about Illinois or Wisconsin camps.  But, we have three camps here in Indiana, with one being in north-central Indiana.  A listing of the various diabetes camps can be found at:

My son has gone to the camp located in Noblesville, Indiana ( and we have attended family day and other events at the camp.  The camp director, Rick Crosslin, is an amazing science teacher who has more energy and ability than ten ordinary people.  And, the camp medical doctor is my son's endocrinologist.  Kids come from far away to attend the camp.

The ADA camp in northern Indiana has many fans as well but I don't have any personal experience with it. 

Just in case anyone from the Indianapolis area is interested in hearing about the ADA camp in northern Indiana or the Diabetes Youth Foundation camp just north of Indy, there will be speakers from both orgs at the Indianapolis Parents of Type 1 support group meeting on March 18, 2009 at 7am at St. Vincent Hospital.  Directions and contact information can be found at:

Lisa here is some more information about camps that might be helpful to you.

State-by-state listings of summer camps for children with diabetes can be found on the Children with Diabetes Web site:  well as on the Web site of the Diabetes Camping Association:





Thanks so much for the information. 



Hi Lisa

I just attended a seminar and found out that the ADA hosts one in the Des Plaines area.  There is a day camp and and overnight camp.  I would check out their website for details.

Thank you, the camp in DesPlaines called Camp Discovery is for kids 9 and under.  My son is 10.  They only offer overnight camp and I am not sure he is ready for that.